Leica LS15 Digital Level

£5,700.00 exc. VAT £5,700.00 inc. VAT
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The new Leica LS digital levels range replace the popular Leica DNA03 and DNA10 digital levels.

Automated functions and industry-leading 0.2mm and 0.3mm accuracy to standard Invar staffs deliver unmatched reliability. Precision begins by using the electronic level bubble to set up instruments. After one button press, automatic tilt checks are made prior to each measurement. Integrated autofocus not only finds your target faster, it increases measurement accuracy by maximising contrast of the staff.
£5,700.00 exc. VAT £5,700.00 inc. VAT
£5,700.00 exc. VAT £5,700.00 inc. VAT
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    Product Information
    Digital levels with industry-leading accuracy

    Engineered and manufactured by the industry leader of digital levels, the new Leica LS Digital Levels offer experienced measuring professionals automated comfort and reliable accuracy while measuring any demanding levelling project for roads, railways, bridges or in authoritative first order levelling networks.

    For trusted surveyors and measuring professionals, getting a full day's worth of highly precise levelling measurements is not only stressful but an unusually complex and redundant job.

    The Leica LS10 and LS15 digital levels give a welcome chance to alleviate demanding levelling tasks. Automated functions and industry-leading 0.2mm amd 0.3mm accuracy allow users to easily demonstrate their measuring skills while effectively completing any project. Just point at your target and with one button press, all steps of levelling will be completed with automated ease.

    From autofocus to touchscreen displays with clean layouts, the entire measurement process is made more efficient with LS10 and LS15 digital levels. Common levelling errors, like misreading the staff or transcription mistakes, are worries of the past. Providing the most reliable results from immediately understandable line flows with image-supported colour visuals, these levelling solutions make the professional's daily tasks a more enjoyable experience.

    The Leica LS levels offer:

    • Highest accuracy
    • Efficiency of work
    • Field experience
    • Digital camera aiming
    • Autofocus efficiency
    • Quick setup
    • Easy data transfer
    • Use standard invar staff
    Users profit from Leica Geosystems’ experience as inventors and industry leaders of digital levels. Honing the digital level into an art form, these solutions collect results faster with the highest accuracy available.
    Technical Information
    Digital Level Model LS10 LS15
    Height Measurement Yes Yes
    Distance Measurement Yes Yes
    Magnetically Damped Compensator Yes Yes
    32x Magnification Telescope Yes Yes
    Manual Focus Yes Yes
    Autofocus - Yes
    Overview Camera for Aiming and Documentation - Yes
    Compass - Yes
    MapView / Coordinates for Office Export


    Inview Mechanical Bubble Yes Yes
    Electronic Bubble / Tilt Check - Yes
    Communication (USB Host, USB Device) Yes Yes
    Bluetooth Yes Yes
    RS232/USB Lemo Connector Interface - Yes
    Internal Flash Memory for 30,000 Measurements Yes Yes
    Package Contents
    Leica LS15 Digital Level
    Standard Levelling Applications
    USB Card
    Rain Cover
    Carry Case
    Quick Guide
    Calibration Certificate - 1 Year
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