Leica Viva GS15 SmartPole

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With the Leica Viva SmartPole, you have the benefits of both TPS and GNSS in your hands. Increase productivity with complete freedom, use GNSS to orientate your TPS and easily switch between GNSS and TPS to measure all points with total flexibility.
    Product Information
    Simply switch from GNSS surveying...

    Tap & Switch
    Simply tap an icon and Leica Viva SmartPole instantly changes from GNSS to TPS, and vice-versa. Measure each point once with TPS or GNSS or quickly measure with both TPS & GNSS for TPS setup points.

    Your benefit - complete flexibility for maximum productivity.

    Light weight and full functionality
    With the Leica GS12, SmartPole offers full functionality and ultimate ergonomics with lightest weight. For additional functionality and flexibility, choose the Leica GS15.

    Your benefit - work all day in comfort.

    To TPS surveying...

    On-the-Fly TPS Setup
    With Leica Viva SmartPole, simply begin the survey and conduct setup On-the-Fly whilst completing the survey.

    Your benefit - no need to first measure orientation points, save time in survey planning and execution.
    Enjoy complete flexibility.

    SmartWorx Viva
    Leica SmartWorx Viva brings ease-of-use to a new level. With SmartWorx Viva and SmartWorx Viva LT with reduced functionality and the same ease-of-use, you're simply productive.

    Your benefit - start working immediately and comfortably.

    Combining Field and Office
    Conveniently combine data in the field or office via wireless LAN, USB, Bluetooth® wireless technology, 3.5G mobile broadband and CF/SD-cards.

    Your benefit - complete confidence to maximize productivity.

    Proven Technology
    Leica Viva GNSS & TPS is built on years of knowledge and experience - reliability and accuracy are the hallmarks of Leica.

    Your benefit - complete confidence to maximize productivity.
    Package Contents
    All packages can be customised to suit - please click the 'Ask a Question' link to contact us.

    771503 1 GS15 Performance Receiver
    767805 1 LOP2 GLONASS Option
    788855 1 CTR16 Bluetooth cap for CS15 Field Controller
    788853 1 RH16 Bluetooth Radio Handle
    781599 1 CS15 3.5G Field Controller
    767874 1 CBC01 Lemo Connector Module with Power Jack
    767907 1 SPF01 Anti-glare Display Foils
    767908 1 SmartWorx Viva Software and DVD
    767909 1 SmartWorx Viva License Key
    767856 1 MSD1000 Industrial Grade SD Memory Card 1GB
    767877 1 GHT61 Hand Strap for Field Controller
    767879 1 GHT62 Pole Holder Base Plate
    767880 1 GHT63 Clamp
    772806 4 GEB212 Li-Ion Battery
    767828 1 GVP642 Hard Container
    754384 1 GRZ122 360° Prism for SmartPole
    6003732 1 1 yr Viva GNSS Basic CCP

    767823 1 SLG1 5-Band Telit 3G GSM/GPRS
    781646 1 SLR5 Satelline M3 RX/TX Radio. RTK Receive & Transmit UHF Radio Module

    A TS15 total station is required to make this into a working SmartPole package.

    All packages can be customised to suit - please click the 'Ask a Question' link to contact us.

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