Surveying Equipment

Opti-cal Survey Equipment has been supplying precision measurement technology to surveyors for the past decade, and with service and distribution partnerships with Leica Geosystems, FARO Technologies and SPX Radiodetection, we are fast becoming the number one choice in the UK and Ireland for survey professionals to source their instrumentation.

Whether you are looking for Lasers and Levels, Total Stations, GPS kit or state-of-the-art 3D Laser Scanners, you will find it all here.

  1. 4Site Office

    4Site Office for AutoCAD is aimed at users wishing to translate their surveys, recorded with instruments using onboard data storage, into near final presentation drawings.

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    £550.00 exc. VAT £550.00 inc. VAT
  2. 4Site Survey

    4Site Survey (both for AutoCAD and Stand Alone) requires a portable tablet PC, preferably ruggedised, which connects with your total station or GNNS receiver using cables or blue tooth. Readings are recorded directly into 4Site, creating a survey in front of your eyes. For 4Site Survey working drawings can be taken into the field for setting out or checking as built surveys. Most survey instruments are supported including Leica (robotics), Topcon, Sokkia and early Trimble instruments.

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    £950.00 exc. VAT £950.00 inc. VAT
  3. Digital Levelling Suite

    Digital level data processing - the answer you’ve been waiting for!
    The Digital Levelling Suite program has been designed in conjunction with Land Surveyors who use the Leica DNA and SPRINTER levels on a day to day basis.
    It has been designed to overcome some of the short falls with the Leica DNA and SPRINTER software, to allow easy conversion from the raw data file to a standard Levelling Book format.

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    £250.00 exc. VAT £250.00 inc. VAT
  4. DJI - Remote Controller Monitor Hood for Smartphones

    This hood shields your smartphone from direct sunlight to give you a perfectly clear view of your display.

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    £11.00 exc. VAT £11.00 inc. VAT
  5. DJI - Remote Controller Monitor Hood for Tablets

    The Monitor Hood shields your tablets from direct sunlight to give you a perfectly clear view of your display.

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    £15.00 exc. VAT £15.00 inc. VAT
  6. DJI A3 Pro Flight Controller

    Combining ultimate reliability with accurate flight control, the brand new A3 series of flight controllers is ideal for demanding industrial and cinematic applications where reliability and customisation are essential.

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    £1,299.00 exc. VAT £1,299.00 inc. VAT
  7. DJI Inspire 1 - 100W Charger

    Compatible with the Inspire 1 Remote and TB48/TB47 Battery.

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    £47.00 exc. VAT £47.00 inc. VAT
  8. DJI Inspire 1 - 180W Rapid Charger

    The Rapid Charge Power Adapter is made specifically for the DJI Inspire 1.

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    £64.20 exc. VAT £64.20 inc. VAT
  9. DJI Inspire 1 - Battery Charging Hub

    Intelligent charging management, capable of automatically charging up to four batteries. Each battery’s status is shown using LED indicators. Small and easy to carry. Internal power management ensures safety at all times. Integrated port enables future firmware updates. Compatible with both Inspire 1-100W Charger and Inspire 1-180W Rapid Charger. Compatible with both TB47 and TB48 battery models.

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    £79.00 exc. VAT £79.00 inc. VAT
  10. DJI Inspire 1 - Battery Heater

    The Inspire 1 Battery Heater helps to exert the optimum battery performance by heating the battery to a more suitable temperature (above 5 ° C) before flight, enable the users flying their Inspire 1 in a more reliable way.

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    £16.00 exc. VAT £16.00 inc. VAT

Survey Equipment Hire

Our extensive hire fleet is maintained to the highest standard, & consists of the very latest equipment available.

Please call us to discuss your specific hire requirements. Long term hire rates are negotiable.

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