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When it comes to customer training and development, we’re working hard to bring something different to the table. In addition to technical support, we also understand that high quality training is critical and key to unlocking the full potential of your survey equipment. Our structured training programmes will enable you to take full advantage of your instrument’s capabilities, and improve your workflow both in the field and the office, with a view to increasing your productivity and streamlining your project workflows.

Opti-cal offers a flexible selection of training packages to suit your company’s needs, experience and timeframe, as well as the option to create your own based around the specific requirements of your project or organisation. Below you can find a basic outline of some of our most popular courses:

Standard Courses

Total Stations – Getting Started: (1 day)

A comprehensive overview of the popular Total Station instrument, with a focus on workflow training for any Leica TPS equipment, and data exchange with popular CAD packages.
Learn the standard functions of your instrument in order to perform essential survey tasks, including detail surveys and setting out.

Advanced TPS: (1 day)

Learn how to customise your instrument, perform advanced field coding, create/edit data export formats, as well as explore some of the more advanced on-board TPS applications. Get to grips with the data import process into Leica Geo Office (LGO), and learn to edit and export data to required format as well as exploring ‘design to field’ function.

GPS/GNSS – Getting Started: (1 day)

Learn the basic concepts of GPS/GNSS  positioning: This course looks at workflow training in RTK including detail surveys, coding and export of data, as well as performing site transition to gain an understanding of coordinate systems.

Advanced GPS/GNSS: (1 day)

Explore the advanced settings of the Leica GPS/GNSS. Learn complete equipment configuration, static data capture and basic processing; as well as field coordinate transformation, and the more complex applications such as how to create data field reports.

Leica Geo Office – Getting Started: (1 day)

Workflow training in Leica Geo Office incorporating TPS/GPS data import, editing, simple processing and basic analysis. This course provides a detailed explanation behind the settings and functionality enabling the user to get the most out of Leica Geo Office.

Advanced Leica Geo Office: (1 day)

Develop your understanding of static post-processing, data analysis, reporting and network adjustment. Learn new troubleshooting skills, and further explore LGO to gain an understanding of precise ephemeris, internet download and image referencing.

Additional Courses:

Introduction to RoadRunner: (1 day)

This course is designed for new users of the RoadRunner application. You will be taken through the practical procedures necessary for performing road setout, as well as looking at stringlines, RoadRunner elements and task development.

Laser Scanning: Basic – Introduction to Scanning

An introduction to the FARO Focus3D X series Laser Scanner: Get to grips with the basic functions and applications of the X130 and X330 models, as well as covering best practices in the field, and basic data processing. This course is ideal for people looking to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of including laser scanning in their project workflows, and will allow new users a chance to gain some hands-on experience with the latest equipment.

Laser Scanning: Advanced – Data Processing

A more detailed look at complex field applications, as well as data processing with FARO Scene 5.3, and Kubit plug-in for Revit and AutoCAD. This course allows you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of field to office processes, and explore the different software packages available to make sense of your data for various project deliverables. This course is customisable if you require guidance on a specific project – our resident scanning experts are available to advise on best practices for data capture and office processing.

CAT + Genny Training

Comprehensive CAT + Genny training for applications in utilities, construction and more. This course can be booked at one of our sites, or at a location to suit you, and will take you through the basics of the market-leading utility detection equipment.
N.B. For projects requiring more range for below-ground location detection, introductory courses are available for the Cobra Wifi GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). Please get in touch to find out more.

Customised Company Training:

All published courses may be customised to suit your company’s requirements, allowing you to get the maximum from your Opti-cal training experience. Courses are adaptable, and can be held for between 1 and 6 people, either at one of our sites nationwide, or at your own offices. Please get in touch to discuss bespoke company training requirements.  

Survey Equipment Hire

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