Leica FlexLine TS06plus Total Station

£6,565.00 exc. VAT £7,878.00 inc. VAT
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Leica FlexLine TS06 plus – Flexibility that counts

For complete flexibility a Total Station that is ready for any challenge. Designed for mid accuracy applications. As standard, an alpha-numerical keyboard and a complete set of application software is included. If more convenient, use Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect any data collector, e.g. the Leica CS10/15. For additional flexibility, a wide range of options ensures that you can always count on your TS06 Total Station.
£6,565.00 exc. VAT £7,878.00 inc. VAT
£6,565.00 exc. VAT £7,878.00 inc. VAT
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    Product Information
    Built-in user friendliness by the full alpha-numerical keyboard and the high resolution display
    Fast and easy entry of numbers, letters and special characters, e.g. for coding
    At-a-glance viewing on the largest high-resolution display in its class

    Best-in-class Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM)
    With PinPoint EDM, FlexLine plus delivers the optimal balance of range, accuracy, reliability, beam visibility, laser dot size and measurement time.
    1.5 mm + 2 ppm to prism
    2 mm + 2 ppm to any surface
    Extremely fast (1 second)
    1000 m range without a prism
    Coaxial laser pointer and measurement beam

    Flexible Data Exchange
    USB Stick for fast and easy transfer of data (GSI, DXF, ASCII, LandXML, CSV, user-defined)
    Built-in wireless Bluetooth for cable-free connection to any data logger, e.g. the field controller Leica Viva CS10 or CS15

    Theft protection by Leica Geosystems – mySecurity
    mySecurity gives you total peace of mind
    If your instrument is ever stolen, a locking mechanism is available to ensure that the device is disabled and can no longer be used
    FlexField & FlexOffice Software
    FlexField on-board software and optional FlexOffice Software offer a broad range of functionality to cover all tasks. Benefit from simplicity and functionality in one solution.

    Application Programs Included:
    Topography (Orientation & Surveying), Stake Out, Resection, Height Transfer, Construction, Area (Plan & Surface), Volume Calculation, Tie Distance (MLM), Remote Height, Hidden Point, Offset, Reference Line, Reference Arc, Reference Plane, COGO, Road 2D.
    Technical Information

    Leica FlexLine Total Stations provide complete flexibility in configuring each Total Station. The following table shows the standard (✔) and optional (o) features for each Total Station within the FlexLine family.

      Leica TS02plus Leica TS06plus  Leica TS09plus 
    1” Angular Accuracy - o o
    Enhanced Measurement Accuracy to Prism 1.5mm + 2ppm 1.5mm + 2ppm 1.5mm + 2ppm
    Reflectorless Measurement Range 500m option 500m included / 1000m option 500m included / 1000m option
    Display with Graphics and Display Illumination Black & White High Resolution Black & White High Resolution Q-VGA Color & Touch
    Full Alpha-numerical Keyboard with Function Keys -
    Second Keyboard o o o
    Keyboard Illumination - -
    Emitting Guide Light (EGL) for Stake Out - o
    USB Type A and Mini B -
    Integrated Bluetooth® Wireless Technology -
    Package Contents
    TS06 plus Total Station with Reflectorless EDM, 1 Full Keyboard
    GSD04 Communication Kit Sidecover with USB Memory Stick
    1yr Warranty and Basic Customer Care Package
    Carry Case
    User Manual
    Calibration Certificate - 1 Year
    Standard Accessory Set - consisting of:
    GDF111-1 Basic Tribrach
    GEB212 Li-Ion Battery (x2)
    GKL311 Battery Charger
    GMP111-0 Mini Prism & Pole
    GHT196 Distance Holder for Height Meter
    GHM007 Instruments Height Meter

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