Reference Sphere Set - Standard

£599.00 exc. VAT £718.80 inc. VAT
SKU: 030-10095
Set of 6 standard laser scanning reference spheres.
£599.00 exc. VAT £718.80 inc. VAT
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    Product Information
    The Standard Reference Sphere Set is designed for beginners and for occasional use. The surface is coated with a special paint; it resists normal stresses under normal use. The sphere is supplied with a magnetic holder and can, thus, be fixed easily on magnetic surfaces. The reference sphere set is suitable for the registration of projects in situ which are not measured tachymetrically.

    Product attributes:
    • Diameter Ø 145mm
    • Spherical shape allows the highest possible scanning efficiency from various directions and it has been proven to be the most efefctive laser scanning target
    • Reference sphere is a hollow made of plastic with a distinctive surface to achieve excellent reflective properties
    • Includes detachable magnet base
    • Case dimensions: 575 x 470 x 205mm
    • Case with precut foam insert for safe transport
    Areas of application:
    • Architecture, construction, and preservation of historic buildings and monuments
    • Forensic
    Compatible laser scanners:
    • FARO LS 420
    • FARO LS 880
    • FARO Photon LS 20
    • FARO Photon LS 80
    • FARO Photon LS 120
    • FARO Focus 3D 20
    • FARO Focus 3D 120
    • FARO Focus3D X 330
    • Trimble TX5
    The reference sphere Standard is the perfect measurement sphere for scanning under normal conditions. Only at very low or very high temperatures, the sphere's diameter shows a small variation. We recommend using and storing these spheres only in the range from 0 to +50 degree. If the spheres are used at extremely cold ambient temperatures (< -5 degree), a damage of the painted surface might arise.
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