Upgrades to the HxGN SmartNet Server 

If you’re using Leica GNSS equipment in the UK, chances are you’re using the national SmartNet network to get your correction data. This system, like all computer networks, needs updating from time to time to add improvements and resolve problems. A major update is happening on Monday 26th October 2020 to provide improved cross-platform support and security as well as future-proofing the service. SmartNet

In order to benefit from these changes, further changes were introduced into version 5.0 of the Leica Captivate software running on all CS20/35 controllers. However, if you are running an older version of Captivate on your controller and therefore do not have access to those improvements there can be instabilities in the connection to the SmartNet server. 

If you have a Captivate controller running v4.x or earlier, you may experience a delay in connecting to SmartNet. If this delay lasts longer than 10 seconds, the connection to Smartnet will be dropped. However, the rover will continue to show the connection being attempted. The lightning bolt will pulse once, then remain still, and instead of cutting off will stay in that position. 

The ultimate solution is to make sure your equipment is updated to the latest version of Captivate (assuming your CCP will allow this). However, a temporary solution is offered in the form of a new server specifically for those who cannot upgrade their software. It is currently planned to run this server for a limited period to allow people to continue to work before they can update their equipment. 

A guide to setting the temporary server details can be found below.

If you have any queries please contact your local service centre/support for details...

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