Surveying Accessories

When it comes to ensuring the success of your projects, the quality of your survey accessories is just as important as your choice of equipment. Stocking only the highest quality Surveying Accessories from Leica Geosystems, FARO Technologies, SPX Radiodetection and many others besides, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories to compliment your precision instruments, and ensure ongoing control and accuracy.

In this section you will find everything from Prisms and Detail Poles to Batteries and Chartwell Books. Use the left menu bar or buttons below to navigate.
  1. Survipod - Concrete Levelling Tamp

    The Survipod Concrete Levelling Tamp is used to accurately determine the level of concrete while placing. It’s lightweight design, made from aluminium makes it easy to handle over longer periods, while ensuring accuracy of concrete levels are maintained.

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    £160.00 exc. VAT £192.00 inc. VAT
  2. Survipod - Boltfix Anchors

    Survipod Boltfix Jab Anchors are a non-expansion anchor for heavy-duty fixing into concrete, brick and concrete block.

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    £35.00 exc. VAT £42.00 inc. VAT
  3. Survipod - Boltfix

    Boltfix from Survipod Engineering is simply bolted to the steel or bolted down to the concrete. The instrument of choice (total station, Dumpy or Laser level) is then screwed onto the Stainless-Steel thread on top of the Boltfix.

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    £385.00 exc. VAT £462.00 inc. VAT
  4. Survipod Cast In Sleeve

    The Survipod Cast In Sleeve provides stability to the Original Survipod. It is dropped into the wet concrete of a column or wall during forming, in desired set out location and levelled with a spirit level. The Original Survipod is then used in conjunction with the Survipod Cast In Sleeve.

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    £30.00 exc. VAT £36.00 inc. VAT
  5. Survipod - Original

    The Original Survipod™ is an innovative setting out tool which replaces the conventional and often unstable tripod. It acts as a robust and stable platform, enabling accuracy and consistency for site set-out engineers.

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    £350.00 exc. VAT £420.00 inc. VAT
  6. Casella Guardian 2 Multi-Agent Monitoring Station

    The Guardian2 Site Boundary Monitor is designed to help you remain compliant with site emission levels, using remote monitoring and reporting of noise, dust and vibration.

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  7. Chartwell 2647 Mining Transit Book

    Chartwell 2647 mining transit book. 192 x 120mm (7.5" x 4.75") 80 leaves

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    £11.95 exc. VAT £14.34 inc. VAT
  8. Chartwell 2637 Mining Transit Book

    Chartwell 2637 mining transit book. 192 x 120mm (7.5" x 4.75") 80 leaves

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    £11.95 exc. VAT £14.34 inc. VAT
  9. Chartwell 2426 Collimation Book

    The Chartwell 2426 survey level book is used to record the collimation, reduced level, and distance of surveys. Page column headings: Back Sight - Intermediate - Fore Sight - Collimation or H.P.C. - Reduced Level - Distance - Remarks Section 192 x 120mm (7.5" x 4.75") 80 leaves

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    £10.95 exc. VAT £13.14 inc. VAT
  10. Chartwell 2416 Rise & Fall Level Book

    Chartwell 2416 rise and fall level book. 192 x 120mm (7.5" x 4.75") 80 leaves

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    £10.95 exc. VAT £13.14 inc. VAT

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