At first glance, batteries and chargers do not seem to be especially important accessories. Perhaps they do not seem worth paying attention to for quality or origin. Experience shows the opposite. Instruments and their electronics react sensitively and need a reliable power supply in all environmental conditions. Batteries and chargers are also exposed to these conditions - some will function, others might and some not for long or not at all, under certain conditions. That is why the quality and efficiency of the originals also counts for batteries and chargers.
  1. Leica GDC221 Car Battery Charger

    Leica GDC221 car adapter for use with GKL221 charger.

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    £113.00 exc. VAT £135.60 inc. VAT
  2. Leica GEV242 Battery Charger

    The GEV242 is a simple charger/power supply for charging the GEV371 Li-Ion battery.

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    £170.00 exc. VAT £204.00 inc. VAT
  3. Leica GKL311 Single-bay Battery Charger

    The new GKL311 single-bay charges one battery within 8 hours. Replacement for the GKL211 charger.

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    £120.00 exc. VAT £144.00 inc. VAT
  4. Leica GKL32 Battery Charger

    The GKL32 is a simple charger for charging NiCd and NiMH (GEB68, GEB70, GEB77, GEB79, GEB87, GEB171, GEB187) batteries.

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    £132.00 exc. VAT £158.40 inc. VAT

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