Laser Scanning

  1. Tripod Adapter for Reference Spheres - 3 Set - 145mm

    Set consisting of 3 Tripod Adapters for Reference Spheres - M8 Thread (145mm sphere).

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    £285.00 exc. VAT £342.00 inc. VAT
  2. Tripod Adapter - Carbon Quick Release

    Realize your laser scanning project even faster. With the quick release, you can easily and quickly fasten the laser scanner FARO Focus 3D, Focus3D X 330 or Trimble TX5 to the carbon tripod - and you can disassemble it just as quick.

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    £169.00 exc. VAT £202.80 inc. VAT
  3. Tripod Adapter - Rotatable

    The tripod adapter enables you to attach your Focus3D or Trimble TX5 to a tripod. The special height of the adapter allows a precise height of 196mm for the rotation axis of the scanner mirror.

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    £220.00 exc. VAT £264.00 inc. VAT
  4. Tripod Adapter - Overhead 3D Safety

    Carry out your laser scanning project more flexible and safer. Scan under the earth's surface, too. With the adapter for overhead scanning, you can attach leading laser scanners easily and quickly to your tripod - and disassemble it as quickly again.

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    £225.00 exc. VAT £270.00 inc. VAT
  5. Reference Sphere Suction Cup Holder

    Attach your reference spheres to glass fronts, windows and all other smooth surfaces.

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    £59.00 exc. VAT £70.80 inc. VAT
  6. Reference Sphere Mini Prism XXL

    Flexible: laser scanner positions can easily be determined within a local or global frame of reference/coordinate system. Very accurate: best possible results due to the use of a total station or a tachymeter.

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    £229.00 exc. VAT £274.80 inc. VAT
  7. Reference Sphere Ground Spike

    Do you have the problem that you don't know where to position your reference spheres outdoors? We have an uncomplicated solution for you.

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    £37.00 exc. VAT £44.40 inc. VAT
  8. Reference Sphere Pedestal Magnet Plate

    Do you want to position your reference spheres easily and stably indoors and outdoors independently from weather conditions and ground? In that case, use the laser scanner reference sphere pedestal.

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    £13.00 exc. VAT £15.60 inc. VAT
  9. Tripod - Aluminium Telescopic 2-Way

    A tripod - flexible as never before: Raise your scanner upward or wind it down. The tripod allows not only scanning to a height of 4.00m, but also overhead scanning of shafts, etc.

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    £959.00 exc. VAT £1,150.80 inc. VAT
  10. Tripod - Carbon

    Make your routine scanning easier with the carbon tripod. Take advantage of the opportunity to significantly save on weight without losing efficiency. Finally, you can enormously reduce the total weight of your equipment with this tripod.

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    £385.00 exc. VAT £462.00 inc. VAT

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