Surveying Equipment

Opti-cal Survey Equipment has been supplying precision measurement technology to surveyors for the past decade, and with service and distribution partnerships with Leica Geosystems, FARO Technologies and SPX Radiodetection, we are fast becoming the number one choice in the UK and Ireland for survey professionals to source their instrumentation.

Whether you are looking for Lasers and Levels, Total Stations, GPS kit or state-of-the-art 3D Laser Scanners, you will find it all here.

  1. Leica GHT62 Pole Holder Base Plate

    GHT62 pole holder base plate for the CS10 and CS15 field controllers.

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    £47.00 exc. VAT £56.40 inc. VAT
  2. Leica GAT2 Radio Antenna

    Gainflex radio antenna, frequency range 435 - 470 MHz.

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    £49.50 exc. VAT £59.40 inc. VAT
  3. Leica GAT1203 Mobile Antenna

    Antenna for mobile network for use with SmartRover / SmartStation.

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    £51.00 exc. VAT £61.20 inc. VAT
  4. Leica GAD32 Telescopic Antenna Rod

    Telescopic rod with 5/8" screw. Fits in GVP603 backpack, for radio and GNSS antenna mounting.

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    £56.50 exc. VAT £67.80 inc. VAT
  5. Leica Lino UAL130 Universal Wall Mount Adapter

    The Leica Lino UAL 130 wall-mount bracket is designed for attaching Linos to profiles, tracks and walls.

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    £59.00 exc. VAT £70.80 inc. VAT
  6. Reference Sphere Suction Cup Holder

    Attach your reference spheres to glass fronts, windows and all other smooth surfaces.

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    £59.00 exc. VAT £70.80 inc. VAT
  7. Leica GAD33 Antenna Arm

    15cm long arm, attaches to GNSS antenna.

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    £62.00 exc. VAT £74.40 inc. VAT
  8. DJI Inspire 1 - 180W Rapid Charger

    The Rapid Charge Power Adapter is made specifically for the DJI Inspire 1.

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    £64.20 exc. VAT £77.04 inc. VAT
  9. DJI Inspire 1 - Battery Charging Hub

    Intelligent charging management, capable of automatically charging up to four batteries. Each battery’s status is shown using LED indicators. Small and easy to carry. Internal power management ensures safety at all times. Integrated port enables future firmware updates. Compatible with both Inspire 1-100W Charger and Inspire 1-180W Rapid Charger. Compatible with both TB47 and TB48 battery models.

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    £79.00 exc. VAT £94.80 inc. VAT
  10. Leica Rugby 300/400 Battery Charger

    Battery charger for the Rugby 300SG and 400DG laser levels.

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    £81.00 exc. VAT £97.20 inc. VAT

Survey Equipment Hire

Our extensive hire fleet is maintained to the highest standard, & consists of the very latest equipment available.

Please call us to discuss your specific hire requirements. Long term hire rates are negotiable.

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