We stock the most comprehensive range of surveying levels available on the market today in order to give you the widest choice when it comes to selecting the right instrument for your project. We offer Leica Geosystems automatic (optical) levels, dumpy levels and precise levels, all at extremely competitive prices – and with their ease of use there is no need to spend significant time in training.

Leica’s ergonomic optics are among the finest in the world, ensuring absolute accuracy even in extreme light conditions, and can be configured to suit individual working preferences. With truly shock resistant housing, our levels can continue to be used even after a fall.

Use the categories below to browse our range of surveying levels. For more information, please call your local office.
  1. Leica GPM3 Parallel Plate Micrometer
    £1,695.99 exc. VAT £2,035.19 inc. VAT
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  2. Leica NA2 Precise Automatic Level
    £1,996.99 exc. VAT £2,396.39 inc. VAT
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  3. Leica Sprinter 150M Digital Level
    £1,020.00 exc. VAT £1,224.00 inc. VAT
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  4. Leica Sprinter 250M Digital Level
    £1,370.00 exc. VAT £1,644.00 inc. VAT
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Survey Equipment Hire

Our extensive hire fleet is maintained to the highest standard, & consists of the very latest equipment available.

Please call us to discuss your specific hire requirements. Long term hire rates are negotiable.

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