Total Stations

Offering a complete site solution, Total Stations allow professionals of all technical abilities to perform accurate, efficient measurements with minimal fuss.

We offer a full range of models to suit all levels of project requirements – from the TS02, TS06 and TS09, all the way up to the TS12 and TS15 Robotic one-man kits.

Leica Total Stations are equipped with unsurpassed angle, distance and reflectorless technology, and with a powerful suite of on board programs and multiple sensor and accuracy settings, provide ultimate reliability both on and off site.
  1. Leica Viva CS15 Controller

    Designed for extreme environments, you can always rely on the CS15. Comfortable in the hand, and easy-to-use for all tasks.

    • IP67 and operating temperature -30 to 60° C
    • Tactile, fully illuminated, rubber alphanumeric QWERTY keypad
    • 2 Megapixel camera - perfectly placed for taking pictures when in hand or mounted on pole
    • Color, VGA touch screen, illuminated

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  2. Leica Viva GS08+ SmartStation

    The Leica Viva SmartStation is a high performance total station that integrates perfectly a powerful GNSS receiver. Just set up the Viva SmartStation and let GNSS determine the position of the total station (TS). There is no need for control points, long traverses or resections. You survey easier, quicker and with fewer set ups.

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  3. Leica Viva RH15 Radio Handle

    RH15 radio handle with integrated modem for use with the TPS Viva and 1200 series total stations.

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    £1,010.00 exc. VAT £1,212.00 inc. VAT
  4. Leica Viva RH17 Bluetooth Radio Handle

    RH17 radio handle with integrated long range Bluetooth module for use with the Viva TS15 series total stations.

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    £1,010.00 exc. VAT £1,212.00 inc. VAT
  5. Leica Viva TS16 Total Station

    Meet the world's first self-learning robotic total station. Automatically adjusting to any environmental conditions, the Leica Viva TS16 locks onto your, and only your, target. Regardless of how challenging the task or the amount of distractions in the field, this total station exceeds your expectations.

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    Cover a wide range of applications when this total station sees precisely what you see. Known for the most comprehensive imaging capability available, you can capture exact conditions for any worksite through the self-learning capability of the Leica Viva TS16.

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