vCam-5 Inspection Camera System

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Vivax-Metrotech camera systems give you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including indoor drain lines, municipal collection systems, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines from 3 inch up to 8 inches in diameter.

Vivax camera systems use the latest technology packaged in a rugged, lightweight, compact profile made specifically for the harsh conditions related to sewer lateral inspections. The vCam-5 camera systems give you the features you want as standard equipment, at a competitive fair price.
£5,695.00 exc. VAT £6,834.00 inc. VAT
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    Product Information

    vCam-5 Control Module
    The vCam-5 control module is designed and manufactured with the plumbing contractors' needs in mind. The latest technology in imaging and recording are packaged in a rugged ABS injection molded housing made specifically for harsh conditions.

    The feature-packed control module includes:

    • 8" daylight readable LCD
    • One touch recording to either USB, SD or internal 300 GB HDD
    • One touch JPEG snapshots to USB, SD or HDD
    • 3 x zoom for up close-up viewing
    • Voice-over through internal or external microphone
    • Full QWERTY weatherproof keyboard
    • Text writer with 20 pages of storage and multi-color text
    • Multi-color on screen display (distance, date and time)
    • 5 Watt 512Hz Sonde
    • AC/DC operation with rechargeable internal battery
    • Wi-fi and RJ45 Ethernet computer interfaces
    • RS232 socket for 3rd party software integration
    • Works with older vCam series reels

    The cable reels from Vivax-Metrotech are made of stainless steel tubular construction for rugged day-to-day outdoor use. The 200' Type-CP reel which is the general day to day workhorse and come standard with built in Sonde and Traceable Pushrod.
    Constructed of stainless steel tubing welded together and making use of gusseted plates in heavy stress areas to prevent the frame from bending. The control module can be mounted on top of the Type-CP reel or the reel can be used in a vertical position. A drip bag accessory is available to protect against water splatter and to catch any water or debris when working indoors. A conventional cable locator transmitter can be attached to the post of the reel to allow the entire length of pushrod to be located underground.

    Camera Heads
    Vivax-Metrotech Camera Heads have stainless steel housings, tough sapphire lenses with high intensity LEDs. The camera attaches to hardened termination springs – tougher than those used in previous models – which are able to negotiate sweeps and difficult
    entry points.

    Camera Skids
    Camera skids are devices that attach to the camera head to 1) keep the camera head off the floor of the pipe, to help avoid pushing up debris and dirt on which will end up on the cameras lens blocking your view, 2) allow the camera LED lighting to function better by keeping the lights more centered in the pipe allowing a more even spread of light on the pipe walls and ahead and 3) provide protection to the camera head by giving a shoveling effect which allows the camera head to be lifted over offsets and objects which helps prevent the camera head from making direct contact with them. And lastly the skids will help increase the pushing distance of the camera and pushrod by providing a more non-binding material to slide against plastic, clay, metal and cement pipes.

    Package Contents
    Vivax vCam-5 Control Module
    Vivax Type CP Reel + 60m Pushrod
    Vivax 46mm D-46C PAL Camera
    Vivax D46-C Guide Skid 3"
    Vivax D46-C Guide Skid 5"
    Vivax Standard Reel Drip Bag
    Vivax 4GB SD Card
    Vivax 8GB USB Stick
    Vivax CP Reel to Module Interconnect Cable 4m
    Vivax 12V DC Power Cord
    Vivax AC Power Cord
    Vivax Ethernet Cable
    Vivax 2mm Hex Allen Key
    Vivax 3mm Hex Allen Key
    Vivax Control Module Accessory Bag
    Vivax CD Manual

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