XWatch XW4 Series Movement Restriction System for Plant Machinery

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This movement restriction system limits the height and slew of plant machinery and is suitable for excavators, backhoe loaders and special purpose machines.
    Product Information

    Height Limitation

    The XW4 series monitors all potential machine high points and controls appropriate motions. Full power is always available to move away from a limit. Operation is fully automatic, with easy and fast function selection. Motions are controlled with ramped slow down on approach and soft-stop, which helps ensure there is no machine ‘bounce’, overshoot, or undershoot.

    An optional chassis sensor can be installed to correct for terrain slope.

    Slew Limitation

    XW4 allows single and dual parallel wall or angular limitation by monitoring the front end equipment and controlling it for limit breach.

    Limits can be either manually keyed in or set by positioning the machine. If both limits are active, the system will automatically flip to the appropriate display should a hazard approach occur. Set up is simple, quick, and can be protected with an optional access key switch. All settings are retained and will be active on start-up.

    Five-year guarantee*
    Base system includes IO controller, angle sensors, display, cabling and hydraulics.

    *Guarantee excludes mis-use and physical damage

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